Donald Trump.

For those that voted for change – good guy or bad?
Now that’s a good question. But ask yourself first though - at the end of the day who he really works for. He’s already pledged his allegiance to Israel, offering his full support - more American tax dollars, I guess. I wonder how the people of America feel about that when so many live on the bread line.
Then there’s his daughter, hasn’t she just converted to Judaism? He already has a daughter-in-law who’s Jewish. So what’s wrong with that, I say? ... Nothing I guess, I’m just pointing things out. But I’m sure there are no Muslims in his family. Come on it’s not rocket science unless he’s doing a double bluff – but would he even know. So I wouldn’t hold your breath if you’re expecting a change for the better. The aim I feel is to confuse us all and keep us in a state of fear.  Constant wars - money problems - morals out the window – racism – religious disputes and I expect there are more. These are all divide and rule tactics which keep us looking the other way - when our focus should be on those at the top. And those at the top need puppets. So is Trump and illuminate puppet? ... Jury still out.
At the moment Trump is passing laws, left, right and centre, which appear outrageous to many and yet good for others they say (although many are already rejected). You would think his time in office was short. Does he know something we don’t?
Already he’s given the go ahead, for a pipeline through Native American’s sacred land which even Obama  held back on – Trump said ‘he hadn’t heard anyone complaining.’ Really? Is he joking? Our king of social media didn’t know, how many were objecting. Or was he just playing the fool? Jury still out, on that.
Okay – some good news, he’s put a stop to TTP (nice one Mr Trump). But I heard today they’ve started it up again, just under a different name. Too many people had wizened up to the freedoms this would give to the big corporations (as if they didn’t have enough) so I guess they’ve changed the label - too much money at stake.
Then there’s fake news. Now that’s a good topic – but put simply, I bet they realised, we the people were waking up and so needed to confuse us – more divide and rule tactics of course and another way to dupe us. Yet main street media has always spread fake news, perhaps it back fired. So watch out for the laws governing that one.  Trump, the king of social media slogans, making things up as he went along, in order to win an election, will surely know that outcome. While Hollywood dribbles out its fake news bullshit constantly, using mind control tactics to bamboozle us all. All under the label of entertainment too and we know who controls that business.
Love him or hate him, time will tell but it won’t be long before we know his true stance. For at this precise moment, there’s no stopping him. Although he always finds time to promote his own business - he never misses a trick.
Even the money system he’s attempting to change, mind you that would be a good thing. It just depends on how he changes it. Let’s hope it helps the people and not his friends. Only he does need to do something about the vice like grip of the Fed. But didn’t Kennedy get shot for his attempts to change that? So let’s wish him luck on that one.
I heard today, he’s freeing up the banking system, as if they weren’t free enough. Fewer regs and less restrictions, wasn’t that how it was before when we had a world’s financial crises? Oh how we forget so soon. Gordon Brown, chancellor at the time, in suspected war criminal, Tony Blair’s government, did the same and hence the problems that followed.  So with high inflation around the corner, well so they say, how does that help the people? Do we really want more of the same? I thought that was why they voted Trump in, in the first place. It’s different actions but same direction again. Is this because the masters haven’t changed - still pushing the same agendas? Jury still out, on that.
Regarding England and Mr Trump however, it appears Mr Ferage and Theresa Mayhem, are now good friends of his – a super duper relationship they’ve told us. But with our NHS, in crisis, well so they tell us (rammed down our throats everyday) one has to wonder if Trump may be hoping to get his hands on this failing business that they say it has become. Let’s just hope the people of England keep watching that one. Privatisation has always been big in the minds of the Tories.   jury still out, on that.
Bored now? Well we could go on forever about Trump, so I’d like to finish with one more thing that we really should remember ... ‘out of chaos comes order’ and a New World one at that – as I guess was the plan all along ... Verdict due in soon.