(goggle David Cameron calls himself a Zionist if it doesn’t come up.)


Firstly let’s explain –

Zionism = a style of government/ party.

There are all sorts of nationalities and religions that support Zionism.

David Cameron is a self confessed Zionist as are many in the British Government it seems. Their unquestionable support for Israel gives them away.

British Home Secretary Theresa May attending the annual Hanukkah parliamentary reception in London, December 2015

Judaism = a religion – not a person. A Jew is a person of that religion but not necessarily a Zionist supporter.

Therefore being against Zionism cannot be anti-Semitic – particularly as the true Semitic person/culture is actually Arab anyway – it seems these people do like to double talk, they can’t help it.

However the media (Zionist owners I would guess) would like us to believe these two terms mean the same, enabling them to hide behind the true Jew, even though many of them object to the actions of aggressive Zionism. 

In Palestine before the invasion of this Zionist organisation, Jews and Arabs lived happily together for hundreds of years.

Look at it now. How can that be right.

The lines are becoming blurred for sure, which is exactly what they want in order to confuse us.

This seems to be the game at the moment with all the ‘fake news’ being bantered about, which I would suggest was the work of the Zionist ... it’s not rocket science after all.

These are the normal games played by the people at the top – the greedy 1% who quite openly give their support whole heartedly to Israel who actually created the illegal state, that some now call it, in the first place.

The terrible atrocities inflicted on the innocent people of Palestine is and has been outrageous - their lands and processions stolen from right under them and still going on today.

Yet the world still sits back and does nothing, well so the media likes to portray, even though it seems many countries are now objecting.

But as I’ve said before - we know who controls the media and this news would not be easily made available.

It has been over seventy years since Palestine was invaded and still these people have no freedom.

If this is Zionism in action you can keep it. Aggressive, bulling, psychopathic people who show no signs of remorse controlling us, is not for me.

Yet you can be sure if they continue to get away with these actions, England will be next on their list, as you can see the grip they have on America already.

The strong hold of AIPaC, (The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) on the government is so blatant, as is the hold of the Neocons ... (Neo-conservatism), another Zionist label.

And although this is not so obvious in England just yet, with puppets planted in governments all over the world, ready for the N.W.O , (New World Order) which they desperately want to create, it won’t be long before it is.


If you look closely at what’s happening in England right now you can see the hand of these people at work quiet clearly.

Only some would say England was compassionate to its own people, hence why so many had flocked here over the years.

The NHS being a brilliant example of something set up for the people. But look at what’s happening to that.

The greedy 1% cannot wait to get their hands on it, like so many other services here, which they’ve already  sold off (and to whom –  could it be Zionists ?).

The care of the elderly, the sick and disabled and those who can’t find work are desperate and yet our government and the government before do not seem to care.

Yet give themselves huge pay rises, while everyone’s still struggling.

It’s been cut backs all the time on the little person to pay back a debt (to Zionist’s no doubt) that was used to bail out the Zionist bankers who’d caused this fictional financial problem in the first place.

You couldn’t make this up.

These are psychopathic people who do not care what happens to others.

Creating wars where our sons and daughters are sent off to kill whoever stands in the way of these people and for what – the greedy minority?


And should they return with psychological problems, our governments don’t give a damn.

These people have no feelings, these people are dangerous. We need to kick them out.

Even the London Olympics in 2012, appeared to be a dark satanic ceremony in honour of Zion (how anyone didn’t see that baffled me) and this was aired to the world. Take a look at the logo below.

‘But that logo just says 2012,’  I hear you say... OK. Then explain where the dot comes from. Juggle it around and it spells Zion. Clever eh ... they do love their links to symbolism. Now have a look at this.

It is therefore very clear to me who runs London and perhaps the rest of England, although I would suggest most of the world. 

As should anyone in office speak out against these people, they are soon quickly silenced - Jeremy Corbyn being one.

Just look at how the media and our corrupt press treat him. Yet so many still fall for the lies. It’s a very clever set up and we are being led like sheep to the slaughter.

I would suggest a closer look at the ceremony with different eyes (there’s plenty on u tube) and you’ll soon see how dark it appears - hidden in plain sight as they say.

Even the well known song Jerusalem was sung during this opening (rammed down our throat at school at every opportunity).

I never did understand why, with words like – until Jerusalem is built on England’s green and pleasant lands. Now I’m older I have a good idea what that means and yet they still want to destroy it with fracking.

All part of their sick plans I guess.

 Zionism has been here in England a long, long time.

A plan set in place way back, which was strongly linked to an elitist group who associated themselves to the Jewish religion - the old testament of the bible suiting their plans.

And by infiltrating other religions, they have manipulated and schemed over the years, until the church has become compliant.

Sorry but didn’t the money changing Jews kill Jesus, son of Mary? Yet the church still backs the state of Israel without any question. 

I thought theft and murder were sins. And talking of money changers, perhaps have a closer look at the Rothschild family, the backers of both sides of all wars.

Their history goes way back, with overwhelming links to setting up Zionism.



A god who is vengeful, jealous and has favourites doesn’t cut it for me but then with the bible re written so many times with certain books left out you have to wonder who their  true god is.

To me, Jesus who represents peace and love is more believable.

So why are these people hiding behind these scriptures and the people of true faith – quiet simple it’s the only way they can get away with what they do and have done.

By pulling the wool over the eyes of the sleepy flock, they can get away with almost anything, and they do.

The psychopathic global elite have a lot to answer for and things must change before it’s too late.

The word anti-Semitic is wearing thin today and people are waking up thankfully. 

It shouldn’t be long before these people at the top are exposed for who they really are – corrupted Zionists not Jews – and until they are, there’ll be no peace.

As all that is vile in society – greed, violence, destruction, lies and corruption, all have these peoples finger prints stamped on them.

And that which starts off decent is soon destroyed and turned into fear and hopelessness.

 I personally feel Zionism is a threat to society.

The N.W.O is on its way; let’s stop it before it leads to the loss of all our freedoms.